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Meet Dewie, a 10 year old female Beagle who has had implications with cyst's.  

Dewie was brought in to COUNTY ANIMAL CLINIC suffering multiple cysts.  Her current course of treatment is for the cyst between her shoulder blades.  After only 4 treatments with the laser, another form of holistic treatment, she is improving.  Her cyst is smaller, and does not appear to be draining as much as it had been.  


Doctor Anders treats animals with the MR4 Multi Radiance Laser. This tool is used to manage pain, reduce inflamation, and help speed recovery.  The following pet conditions can be treated using this new devise. 

  1. Arthritis
  2. Lick granuloma
  3. Acute and chronic otitis
  4. Gingivitis, and peridontal disease
  5. Hot spots and dermatologic disorders
  6. Degenerative and acute disc disease
  7. Injury enhancement of lymphatic drainage
  8. Soft tissues injuries
  9. Sprains, strains Hematomas
  10. Chronic pain
  11. Burns
  12. Neuropathy and myelopathy
  13. Pre-surgical analgesia
  14. Post-surgical analgesia
  15. Oral lesions
  16. Stomatitis
  17. Back and muscle pain
  18. Wounds and fractures

The MR4 is used in 3000 hospitals, 10,000 private practices, in 30 Countries, and is used by professional athletes. The MR4 is endorsed by the following:

  1. NFL
  2. NBA
  3. NHL
  4. MLB
  5. MLS
  6. US National Teams
  7. Canadian National Teams
  8. Notre Dame University
  9. The University of Michigan
  10. Stanford University 

If you are interested in this type of drug free, non invasive, treatment for your pet, or if you would like more information contact Doctor Anders at the County Animal Clinic.