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This video features highlights of an actual Equine appointment. 

The appointment can be seen in its' entirety at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqPi-CwgoyE


Annie's story

Annie is an 11 year old Shetland Pony.  I got her in December of 2013.  She had foundered in all four feet with the previous owner, which was a big reason as to how I ended up getting her.  Since my son is a farrier, we have been able to get her trimmed every 2-4 weeks.  While we were able to make good progress as well as improvement, Annie was still noticeably uncomfortable.  This, of course, leading us to suspect that she had more issues going on than just her feet.  I was finally able to get her to Dr. Anders just recently, and she was the proverbial train wreck.  He found her to have her neck, shoulder, a rib, back a sacrum all out, and, of course, adjusted those.  She also received acupuncture treatment on various locations including her feet as well as he back.  Along with the acupuncture, Annie was given flush injections.  While there wasn't an immediate difference, exactly one week after her treatment from Dr. Anders, she actually did more than just walk when going to and from the pasture.  When coming in from the pasture, she immediately went into a canter, and after going down to a walk for a short bit, proceeded to canter some more, and as she got closer to the barn, finished by trotting the rest of the way.  It was a great feeling to finally see Annie feel comfortable enough to do more than just walk gingerly when moving about.  I have no doubt that without the help of Dr. Anders, Annie would not have fully achieved that level of comfort, and am very thankful for everything he has done. 

Carol Coffman


2 calves were brought into the County Animal Clinic for treatment due to complications during delivery.  

The first was born 10 days ago.   This calf had to be pulled during birth which caused injury to the back and hips.  There is some nerve damage and at this time it is not known whether there will be a full recovery.  Doctor Anders checked the pulses, and performed acupuncture. He also administered Physical therapy as this is such an important part of the healing process. The physical therapy was done on the back left leg, after checking the pelvis and lower back.   

Below are some photos of the recent visit. 

The first photo is of Doctor Anders checking the hips and back. 

This photo is of Doctor Anders giving the young calf physical therapy. 

The third photo shows that physical therapy works up quite an appetite. 

The final photo is of Doctor Anders and his young patient compromising to do both physical therapy, and eat at the same time. 


The next set of photos is of the second patient seen the same day.  

During birth this calf broke the left front leg, and had some hip problems.  6 hours after birth the calf went to OSU Vet School and received a cast, and had told the owner that it had poor circulation. Using the Thermographic Imaging Camera Doctor Anders did see that there was poor circulation.  Doctor Anders performed a treatment of chiropractic, and acupuncture.  After doing a re-check of the pulses this calf has a very good chance of a full recovery.  


Doctor Anders travels to meet a a horse who has a neck out of place. This causes the back, the left side, and the hip to be off.  Doctor Anders checks the pulses, and placed the horse under a mild sedation due to the pain it was in.  The horse received acupuncture, a chiropractic treatment as well as hydrochloric acid injections. This horse also receives a very good prognosis of a full recovery.  

Below is Doctor Anders during the treatment.   As you can see the horse looks like it is in pain, as Doctor Anders explains to the owner his plan of care. 



Another 3 day old calf prior to the recent excitement who also had complications during birth was brought in for treatment.  Below are photos of her visit.    She needed chiropractic treatment, and a kidney flush, due to her rough beginning, but her young life will be more fulfilled since she has had her treatment.  She was also sent home with herbs to help her along the way. 

BELOW:  DR. RONALD ANDERS is testing the pulses of the liver and the kidneys. Her pulses at this point....her kidney pulse is way down, and her liver is up. 


BELOW:  IS DOCTOR ANDERS is giving the 3 day old calf a chiropractic adjustment. During her birth she had to be pulled, which caused her 3rd lumbar to be out of place.

BELOW;  IS DOCTOR ANDERS administering "aquapuncture" into the back points to help balance her kidney and liver pulses.   She was also given herbs to help balance her kidney and liver pulses as well.

BELOW:  IS DOCTOR ANDERS doing a re-check on the pulses.  They are much better now, as he is seen her explaining to the calf's owner.   Her face is showing a much more relaxed look as well. 


A show hog (boar) was brought in due to being unsteady when walking, and appeared to be in pain Doctor Anders is shown here adjusting the spine.   The hog also received acupuncture. 


BELOW IS LULU AN EXPECTANT MARE lulu.jpg                                           



. ******************************************************************************************************************************

For more information about large animal chiropractic, acupuncture, or aqua-puncture treatment call our office at  419-678-3610.  Doctor Anders travels to treat large farm animals, just call our office for more details.